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Nur Ilkin, Sheilah Kaufman

Inspired by the best of that regional cooking this collection of recipes represents a rediscovery of timeless, authentic and delicious Turkish dishes interspersed with cultural history and the personal anecdotes of its authoritative authors.

This unique and masterful collection of recipes shares a rediscovery of timeless authentic, healthful, refreshing, and easy-to-prepare Turkish dishesfrom classics to lesser known family favorites, and even lost recipes. Using only the healthiest and freshest ingredientsfrom fresh fruits and yogurt to vegetables, fish, poultry, and meatthe regional recipes are cooked in an infinite variety of ways, with exciting flavor and texture combinations. Eggplant alone can be prepared in more than 40 different ways. In areas where fish, meat or poultry werent available, cooks created outstanding recipes that utilized grains, pulses, and vegetables.

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