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Jenni Fleetwood

This is a searing collection of classic and innovative spicy dishes, from hot and fiery to subtle and aromatic, from every corner of the globe. It features more than 325 red-hot recipes for all occasions, including scorching salsas and dips, tangy soups, vibrant casseroles, and dazzling dinner-party treats. Recipes include tried-and-tested dishes such as Chilli Ribs as well as more unusual combinations, such as Masala Mashed Potatoes. All recipes are shown in step-by-step sequence photography so techniques and preparation can be simply followed for success every time. Full nutritional information is given for each recipe. Spices are essential culinary ingredients in every part of the world, used to sharpen the appetite and titillate the palate. In this guide, chillies and all kinds of spices are used in aromatic dishes and red-hot meals.

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