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Barbara Damrosch, Eliot Coleman

Whether it's for love of gardening, love of the freshest produce, the desire to maintain good health, or economic thrift, more of us are looking to our yards as not only a source of beauty but as important source of food. For those looking to get started and for those who are started but in need of supportive and good advice, comes the full-colour, fully illustrated, thorough season-by-season guide to getting your garden up and running. Written by this country's foremost organic gardeners, Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman, it is the complete resource for anyone who wants to grow more of what they eat, even if they've never before put trowel to dirt. "Since eating is one of the most important things we do, it is life-changing to regain control lover it," write the authors in the Introduction. Written with wit and charm and a joy that comes from a lifetime in the garden, Part 1 is a practical gardening step-by-step resource and part 2 is a cookbook with 120 farmhouse recipes created by Damrosch, who is also a master cook.

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