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John Nielsen, Judith H. Dern

Traditional Danish food is based around the natural bounty of the land, with fresh fish from the seas and rivers, and delicious pork and dairy products from the animals that graze on its fertile pastures. This beautiful guide to the culinary delights of Denmark includes all the classic favourites, many of which have been cooked in Danish homes for centuries.

The Danish love of good food is an essential component in the national concept of hygge, a warm 'coziness' which is connected with home and family. Many of the recipes reflect this love of comfort, with dishes such as Roast Pork and Hassleback Potatoes, Chicken Soup with Dumplings, and Layer Cake with Cream. Lighter recipes in the book include some of the tempting pickled and smoked fish recipes that are so popular, as well as desserts for the summer, such as Red Berry Soup and Applesauce Cake. 

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