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Arthur L. Meyer

Small farms and locally-produced foods are at the heart of Danish cuisine. With impeccably fresh fish, dairy, and meats, Danish foods require very little in the way of herbs and spices. These fresh, honest flavors will revive your homecooking.

Baking is passed down through generations, and hearty, home-baked breads are part of almost every meal. Smørrebrød, the famous Danish open-face sandwiches, are traditionally made on rye and topped with an endless variety of cheeses, meats, vegetables, pickles and sauces. There are dozens of delicious pastries and cookies, perfect for holiday parties and cookie swaps. 

Arthur L. Meyer introduces readers to the best offerings of the traditional Danish table, from soups, main courses, vegetables, and sauces to breads and sweets: Salted Herring with Cream (Bondesild), Roast Spare Ribs with Apples and Prunes (Ribbensteg med Æbler og Svesker), Caramelized Potatoes (Brunede Kartofler), Danish Rye Bread (Rugbrød), Danish Donuts (Æbelskiver), and Cardamom Cake (Kardemom-menkage), among many others.

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