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Shopping online is now a well accepted method of buying products with more and more people realising the advantages of the convenience and cost savings. Purchasing food items on line has grown significantly and is likely to continue in line with the overall growth of internet commerce.

                              Hints to make the shopping experience enjoyable. 

  • If you are purchasing ingredients/groceries from overseas you need to check your counties customs regulations. For Australia, United Kingdom & USA the import of processed & packged/processed goods is usually allowable, however fresh or perishable products are either banned or severely restricted.
  • If you are buying from a domestic supplier there are usually restrictions as to where they can ship perishable products. Most sites cover these issues in their section on "shipping". When looking at this section take note of when your order is likely to arrive. 
  • Make use of their "Contact Us" form for any issues relating to products including possible alternative brands or ingredients, food preparation and recipes. As with retail shops the best suppliers know that by helping you they should be able to generate return business and a loyal customer.
  • Many cuisines have a relatively small number of core ingredients usually around 5 up to 10 items. Do a little research and see if you can identify these items to include in your order. We hope to prepare such a list in the near future.