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                                     ABOUT US

                                                        An introduction (of sorts)

Meet Paul & Trish, two "Ausies" with a passion for food initiated by our parents and further developed by extensive travelling overseas (yes, we did the overland trip- London to Katmandu and visited Russia during the "Iron Curtain" days of the 70's etc.) and we lived as expatriates in Asia, UK and America. OK, this probably dates us but does, if nothing else shows we have eaten many authentic cuisines though it does not mean we are connoisseurs. We will leave this judgement to our visitors, however we could best be described as "enthusiasts" welcoming the opinions and help from like minded people with a passion for authentic cuisines.

                                                    Why start this site?

 I can't find where to buy the ingredients for the recipe!!!

The concept grew from a frustration of trying to locate shops supplying the necessary ingredients & groceries for new recipes. How often have you wanted to try an exciting new recipe but lacked two or three key ingredients? Did you try the internet, phone book, ask around? Even if you located a possible shop was it too far to travel or was the prospect of trying to communicate with people who may have limited knowledge of your language too difficult and not worth the effort? (on the latter point you might like to visit our page "Hints for buying groceries online and retail"). As a consequence we searched an extensive number of resources and have a comprehensive list of the best online suppliers and retail shops covering over 40 global and special interest cuisines. At this point our directory of retail shops containing 1000's of locations is limited to Australia only. though we hope to get recommendations from visitors to extend the directory internationally.

 I want to build my cook book library, however I am not sure where to get the best deals and which books have genuine authentic recipes!!

We have researched the best books for all popular cuisines and special interest (based on reader reviews) with a focus on authenticity and regional content. In addition we have selected up to three suppliers for each book so that you can identify the best current offers.

 I am tired of recipe web sites that list 100 chicken recipes or dozens of ethnic restaurants that prepare cuisines adapted for local consumption!!

Our selections are based on authenticity rather that quantity ....the best of the best. See if you agree, perhaps share your experiences. We have only listed Australian places to eat and welcome recommendations for other global locations where authenticity is more important than price or atmosphere.


      Please read on, there's more and it's really important

We strongly believe experiencing the food of other cultures and cuisines enhances an understanding and appreciation of the people concerned. Many times during our travels we shared meals (and drinks) were there was not a common language. The sharing of the meal broke down any perceived differences.. we were just a group of diverse people sharing and enjoying each other's company through food.

Our major objective for this site is to encourage the sharing of cuisine experiences to bridge the cultural, ethnic and religious differences through food the "universal language". 


We also ask you to support the small business owners and authors who are so intimately involved with food  and need our help so they can continue to provide such necessary service.