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Maslenitsa - Russia

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Tradition pancake recipes with a variety of fillings


Yield 4 to 6 servings
Preparation time 15 mins + 1-2 hours resting time
Cooking time 15mins
Main Ingredient Flour


Blini/Crepe mix

1 Cup of Milk 

1 Cup of White Flour (preferably unbleached)

2 Large Eggs

1 Heaped Tsp of Sugar

1/4 Tsp of Salt

Unsalted Butter


There are lots and lots of toppings you can enjoy your Blini with. If you want to go traditional, here are some of the ideas.

Red  or black Caviar .

Sour Cream

Jam or Preserve (Strawberry, Raspberry, etc.)

Cottage or Farmers Cheese

Thinly sliced salmon with or without sour cream



1. Take a medium size pot and mix all the flour with 1/2 Cup of milk. Mixing  well to eliminate all the lumps.

2. In a separate container, mix 2 eggs, all the salt and sugar, with the rest of the milk.

3. Combine the two mixes together and combine well

4. Set your mixture aside for about 1-2 hours. (letting the mixture stand for 1-2 hours guarantees better results)

5. Heat up a small frying/crepe pan with a small amount of butter. 

6. Take a large spoon of your mixture and pour it in the middle of the frying pan. Then, tilt your frying pan in a circular motion to make the mixture spread around to form a circle.

7 You may need to adjust the quantity of mixture according to the size of the pan. The mixture should just cover the bottom. The first one to two blinis are often used as a test for both heat & size. The blinis must be thin.

8 Fry your mixture on one side until it turns golden. Just keep checking it with spatula. Once one side is ready, flip it over and do the same.

9  Add a little bit of butter after each blinis, or add some if  they start to burn quickly.

10. Stack them up on top of each other adding a little b butter in between to prevent them from sticking.

11 Serve while hot with your favourite topping