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Looking for cooking recipes from the best recipe blogs - from foodies who are passionate about food.

 We have reviewed each recipe blog and only listed those that we consider the best for each cuisine.

Make your selection from our researched list to find your cooking recipe.

Wide range of recipes inc. regional food. Vegetarian & meat recipes.

India Foodforever

Featuring mainly Indian mainly Kerala Cuisine and lots of Baking Recipes. Good Pictures.

An interesting blog with a good range of traditional recipes also includes a good selection of Gluten Free & Raw.

"a collection of delicious culinary creations from her kitchen, with an emphasis on spicy Indian dishes and whole foods. If you want to know what sensible vegetarians eat, Lisa's Kitchen is the place to be." Quote from site and I heartily agree! an outstanding selection of recipe. The site includes a conversion chart and information on substitutions. Definitely have a look!!!!


Recipes range from hot and spicy vegetarian, non-vegetarian, meat, poultry and seafood; delicious desserts for the sweet tooth; hot and cold drinks and beverages, fresh breads and naans, healthy high-protein diet food, low-fat high calorie recipes, to eggless dessert possibilities!

Hot Sweet Spicy Recipes

"delicious indian food, spices & more…" Quote from owner!
A tantalising selection of recipes with an emphasis on North Indian. Beautifully photographed with easy to follow instructions. Great for beginners and advanced.

" This site has a collection of all my cooking experiments and the recipes that have been passed on to me by my family and friends. Some recipes are illustrated in the traditional way while others are modified taking into consideration the busy lifestyle and health issues." Quote from blogger.A good selection of Indian recipes from this food site.

Simple Indian Recipes

A large selection of Indian recipes with great photos.

A great selection of colorful regional street food recipes from this very popular site. These recipes explore the heart & soul of Bengali,Maharashtrian, Nepali, Andhra and Kannada cuisines & culture.


A great range of Indian recipes plus a selection of Thai, Mexican and Italian. Check out her recipe for Mango Banana Smoothie with Cardamom. Yummie!

My Kitchen Tweets


A great selection of vegetarian recipes with an emphasis on South Indian food and drinks. Great photos and helpful descriptions of each recipe.

An outstanding selection of Indian vegetarian recipes. This blog is based on pure vegetarian recipes (without egg). You can find all kind of vegetarian recipes on the blog starting from a small morning snack to various exotic dishes.


A food blog that features tried and tested vegetarian recipes mostly from India and also international,This blog also focuses on eggless baking recipes and techniques. 

Cook Click n devour!!!

Great site covering Indian regional cuisines. All recipes have attractive photos and easy to follow instructions.

Desi Mejwani

A wonderful site from this Singapore based Mum, She has an abundance of Indian recipes including vegetarian, kid friendly and those for festive events. Great photos and easy to follow instructions. 


Recipes from an Indian kitchen with a focus on Andhra cuisine. The blog's aim is to preserve Indian culinary heritage and document traditional recipes. Check out the "kid's zone" for healthy meals, an added bonus.

A colorful selection of traditional and contemporary recipes.


Indian food site with wide range of free recipes.

TarlaDalal.com Home Page

Exciting range of recipes including vegetarian & cooking tips.

The East Indian Community of Bombay being original inhabitants of Bombay for centuries have a unique cuisine of local delicacies mixed with a blend of Portuguese and a lot of Indian Spices. Good range featuring traditional Bombay cuisines.

Good range of interesting recipes, cooking hints, vegetarian & festival recipes.


Good range of recipes, cooking hints, great photos and easy to follow instructions. Has vegetarian section.

Wide range of recipes, inc. vegetarian.

Contact Us: Mallu Kitchen: Authentic Kerala and South Indian Recipes

Colourful, with a wide range of recipes including vegetarian.

Goan Food Recipes

Good range of Goan recipes, inc. vegetarian. Have a look at the section on festive recipes includes Holi, Christmas, Diwali and more.

Hilda's Touch of Spice

Kashmiri food site. Has vegetarian recipes as well as many other tasty dishes. Well worth a visit.

Lifestyle web with good range of Indian recipes.

Large range of Sth. Indian recipes inc. vegetarian.


 "There is immense love for good food and especially simple home-made food and passion to deliver best in terms of developing new recipes, and going beyond the last benchmark for a particular recipe."  Quote from blogger. Large range including vegetatian.

Spice and Curry


A good range of traditional favourites. So much more than a recipe site, it is packed full of interesting information and hints on food and related topics. Worth a look!

A good selection of Indian and Konkan recipes


A great selection of recipes both vegetarian and meat. The great photos tempt you to try the many tasty meals.

Sindhoora's Kitchen

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