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A wide selection of recipes including regional cuisines.

"All of the recipes on this site are both simple and authentic. They draw on my brief experience as a professional chef in the States and in Paris, and on my career as an enthusiastic cook for friends and family during more than 30 years in France." Quote from author. Impressive range of recipes, actively maintained.

Interesting and actively maintained with both traditional and modern recipes.

A colorful site with an exciting selection of contemporary recipes.

French cooking made easy. A great selection of tasty recipes....surprise your family & friends!

"I hope to inspire everybody who passes through here to experiment themselves and play around with their imagination when it comes to detail" - "Quote from blogger. More than a recipe site! Fabulous recipes and pictures. Worth a look for the photos alone.

An extensive selection of French recipes from a blogger based in Paris....how lucky! Worth a look.

A selection of traditional recipes with outstanding photos. If you want to prepare mouth watering food with easy instructions this is the place for you.

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