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Looking for cooking recipes from the best recipe blogs - from foodies who are passionate about food.

 We have reviewed each recipe blog and only listed those that we consider the best for each cuisine.

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This blog is about the authors impressions of candy. The blog is just a way for me to share her experiences on this adventure known as eating candy. This is, by no means, a definitive list of all candies available (about 6,000 new confectionery products are released every year around the world, let's face it, I'm never going to cover them all). She will do her best to seek out candies that she has  been afraid of or are new to her and share them with you. A very interesting and informative site.

A great selection of recipes for cookies and sweets as well as a training video on decorating cookies.

Winter Hat & Mitten Decorated Cookie How-To

The site has an extensive range of recipes and tips to improve your cookie making.


A cmprehensive site on all things "cookie" including videos.

University of Cookie

Great cookie recipes and "how to's". The site also includes a section on marshmallows and other sweets.

the decorated cookie

The site is pack full of information about cookies....recipes, decorating, tips and much more.



Boiling Sugar is a an ongoing chronicle of the authors  efforts to learn the art of candy making from the ground up. Recipes, equipment, successes, disasters and lots of pictures of sugar boiling away and turning into goodies.

All you will ever want to know about making candy.

This isn’t just any dessert blog: it’s the healthy-dessert blog! The recipes featured here are healthier versions of your favorite naughty treats: Cookie Dough Milkshakes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Brownie Batter Pancakes and more!

A great range of sweet and candy recipes.

Oh Nuts Blog

Chocablog is a blog dedicated to the world of chocolate. For over seven years, they have been regularly publishing chocolate reviews, delicious chocolate recipes, and in-depth features and reports from all over the world.

Chocablog - The Chocoalte Blog

A great selection of sweets and candy recipes. Beautiful photos to tempt you!

This site has one of the best selections of cookie recipes on any blog! Well worth a look.

Cookies on Friday

The best online stores for Books: Cookbooks, Fiction & non Fiction. Save Time and Money.

AbeBooks.co.uk - Passion for books  eBooks.com Fiction Bestsellers


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