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They stock a range of South African products, which they source from different importers across Canada and the USA, ensuring that they provide otheir customers with the latest fresh products. They import all of our spices from South Africa and blend them in the store to produce the finest Biltong, Drywors, Chili Bites, Shavings and Boerewors, which people still travel for miles to acquire.

Ships To: Canada

African Breese Imports specializes in the import of South African delicacies, artwork, hand crafts and special order items. They have a range of South African meats such as boerewors, droewors, biltong, and chilli bites, made by local butcheries with the finest South African spices. 

Ships To: Canada and USA refer site

The supply an extensive range of sauces as well as smokers. Try the 715ml Bottle - Cattle Boyz Original  works well as a glaze, marinade or BBQ sauce on beef, pork, poultry, seafood and vegetables. You won't need to use a lot of barbecue sauce to taste the intense flavor -- this special recipe has a full bodied taste like no other barbecue sauce on the market.

Ships To: Canada and USA

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