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Since it shares its climate and agricultural practices with Northern Europe, Lithuanian cuisine has much in common with Eastern European (Polish, Ukrainian) and some similarities to Scandinavian cuisine, also Hungarian, Romanian, and Georgian cuisines as well as Ashkenazi cuisine. Nevertheless, it has its own distinguishing features, which were formed by a variety of influences during the country's long and difficult history.

Lithuanian traditional cuisine took shape over many centuries and was much influenced by cultural contacts with neighboring nations. A good example is potato cake - kugelis, which Lithuanians adapted from the German kitchen. This has now become a favorite dish throughout Lithuania. Lithuanian food is pretty simple but has a variety of interesting dishes. Potatoes, rye, beet root, various meat, mushrooms and dairy products are often used when preparing food.

Lithuanians usually eat three times a day, but during periods of hard and intense work, especially in summer, mid morning and late afternoon snacks are added to the daily routine. The most filling meals are breakfast and lunch. Porridges, pancakes and soups for breakfast, soups, meat and potatoes for lunch. In the evening, dinner is a light meal. Today the ancient tradition of placing bread first on the table is still observed.

The oldest traditional Lithuanian drinks are mead and herbal trauktines (spirits). You’ll be able to experience local wine made from various fruit, but mostly it is a country famous for its beer, light and dark, unfiltered or honey.

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