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British Columbia

This place is good for specialist Korean items (such as the various pickles and condiments and ready-to-use meats) but has a limited range of other Asian groceries. They have a decent stock of most of the basic Korean/Japanese items. Web site.

City: Vancouver

It's a Korean supermarket with many varieties of kimchi They also make their own tofu from organic soybeans Also great for noodles, produce, sauces, and Asian snacks. Not good for  traditionally North American foods. 

City: Vancouver

This place is amazing. Great prices on fresh produce and the best value for Korean foods in Vancouver.

City: Vanvouver


Huge Korean grocery selection, ok prices. In addition to the usual grocery selection (fresh, dried, frozen), there is a bakery, and several prepared food stations.  The food court has a ridiculous amount of selection when it come to meals which you can order and they'll make it for you or buy the pre-packaged ones. If you order from them, they'll provide you with a beeper of sorts to let you know when your food is ready. They also a wide selection of side dishes. Web site.

City: Toronto


The store has all your needs for Asian, Japanese and Korean groceries such as dry seaweed, japanese curry boxes, instant ramen, japanese sushi rice, tofu, kimchi, seaweed salad, mochi, mochi ice cream, frozen dumplings and seafood, condiments such as rice vinegar and mirin, sesame oil, wasabi etc. 

City: Montreal

A branch of the popular Jang Teu grocery story downtown on St. Catherine street. The store stocks a great range of Japanese and Korean groceries.

City: Montreal

Good range of Korean groceries and ingredients, somewhat limited range of other Asian products. Web site.

City: Montreal

A good grocery store for Japanese/Korean groceries. They have a vast selection of products including prepackaged hot pot ingredients, frozen fish cakes by bulk, prepared pickled/marinated side dishes, snacks and lots more

City: Montreal

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