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British Columbia

Small Eastern European deli store owner by couple from Ukraine. The shelves are filled with European delicacies in addition to a showcase filled with prime salami's and cheese. You can find  can find pelmeni, smetana, eggplant spread, all your Russian favorites. 

City: Vancouver

This little store offers a very wide variety of traditional Eastern European delicacies with a heavy focus on Russian products. They stock a large variety of sausages, meats, pickles, ready made soups, canned products and sauces, marinades, candies, chocolates and holiday items. Inside is a deli and shop filled with fresh meats of all varieties (fresh herring and mackerel, used in pickled herring,  along with cheeses from Poland and Macedonia and all sorts of candies, breads and pickled this from all over Eastern Europe.

City: Vancouver


Authentic Russian food heaven. If you have never been exposed to Eastern European culture I would recommend this store as you can experience something different and if you come from Easter Europe, then Yummy market is the place to be. It has a "welcome home" feel to it.Web site.


City: North York

 The store has a huge deli counter that offers a range of different meats, pickled vegetables, several types of caviar, plain and stuffed blini (Russian pancakes), perogies, fish, piroshky (Russian buns stuffed with meat or rice & mushrooms) and so much more. he store also had a variety of frozen perogies, meat, cheese, beverages, honey, cereal, teas and so much more, all from Russia.

City: Richmond Hill

This is a large Russian deli with a large variety of meat, prepared food and cheese as well as local Russian foods.

City: Richmond Hill
Delicacies, chocolates from Russia and Ukraine. Huge selection of cold cuts, cheeses, dairy products. Jams, juices, canned goods, and more.
City: Vaughan


If you ever have a hankering for Russian food, this is the place to go. A good selection of Russion ,Ukranian and some Georgian groceries.

City: Montreal

Specializes in European groceries and  products particularly Polish & Russian,

City: Montreal

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