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British Columbia

This little store offers a very wide variety of traditional Eastern European delicacies with a heavy focus on Russian products. They stock a large variety of sausages, meats, pickles, ready made soups, canned products and sauces, marinades, candies, chocolates and holiday items. Inside is a deli and shop filled with fresh meats of all varieties (fresh herring and mackerel, used in pickled herring,  along with cheeses from Poland and Macedonia and all sorts of candies, breads and pickled this from all over Eastern Europe.

City: Vancouver

 The bakery produces fresh bread, treats and handmade pierogies. They also have a large variety of cured meats and the shop is stocked full from wall to wall with - condiments, candies, soft drinks, soups, and sundries - all imported from the Poland.

City: Vancouver

Polonia Sausage house has the best variety in town. All made and smoked in the house with natural ingredients and old traditions including garlic coil, kielbasa, bratwursts, mini smokies, torunska, farmers sausage and a dozen more. They also have a small section of Polish groceries including  biscuits/cookies or better yet, their frozen perogies.

City: Vancouver

They have a wonderful range of sausages - kolbasa, old country sausage, garlic sausage, kabanos, double smoked farmer sausage, frankfurters, bratwurst, ham sausage and plenty more. They also have a wide range of european groceries - pickles, grains, pulses, canned fish, mustards, soups, candies, noodles, even laundry detergent.

City: Vancouver


The best polish grocer in the city..This is primarily Polish grocery store that specializes in what they do best, deli meats (charkvaror)! Also, if you’re seeking special parts of the pig or cow, this is the place for you. The produce is top notch and the prices are fair.The deli is huge, t has every type of sausage imaginable, not much poultry, tons of cheeses, and lots of smoked fish and roe.

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City: Toronto


A solid local Polish store with a decent selection, good sausage, decent bigos. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

City: Montreal

Specializes in European groceries and  products particularly Polish & Russian,

City: Montreal

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