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British Columbia

Edsa Mart is your one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. From traditional ingredients to delicious imported snacks to an assortment of spices to a wide selection of fish - you will find everything Filipino  you need in this grocery! 

City: Richmond

 This place is actually a little bakery/grocery store with Filipino goods.  But the pandesal is the star of this store.They also have a turo turo and desserts such as bibingka, cuchinta, espasol and pichi pichi. They also sell your standard Filipino staples, both dry and frozen.

City: Vancouver


Filipino Grocery store.

City: E. Hamilton

Filipino grocery and variety shop.

City: E. Toronto

A good selection of Asian groceries and Ingredients.

City: North York

They have very low prices for a good selection of produce, its neighbourhood demographic leads it to carry good selections of both Indian and Caribbean foodstuffs along with Chinese and Filipino.  There are very good specials on produce and meat.

City: Scarborough

Filipino grocery store.

City: Toronto

Filipino grocery store.

City: Toronto

A reasonable range of Filipino groceries and ingredients.

City: Toronto

A convenience store stocking Filipino ans Canadian groceries.

City: W. Toronto

Filipino grocery store.

City: W. Toronto


The store has a reasonable selection of Filipino and Asian groceries.

City: Montreal

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