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United States


The store is cozy with a lot of shelves stocked to the brim with Asian gifts, eating utensils, prepackaged foods, and sauces to name a few. The House of Rice carries predominantly Japanese foodstuffs and cookware but also has a strong showing in the Indonesian and oddly Dutch categories.

City: Scottsdale


If you long for any authentic goods from The Netherlands, especially food-related, then the Holland Pastry Shop is for you. Don't let the word "pastry" throw you; this is more market than bakery. This shop occupies three store fronts. The main store, which resembles a mini-mart, is jammed packed with all sorts of Dutch and Indonesian goodies, The central store is where the activity occurs. This is where the oven is located to bake their delicious cookies and pastries. VISIT SITE

San Jose
City: Los Angeles

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