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United States


This is a well-stocked Eastern European food market. You will find many, many products from Russia and former Soviet countries. Try the selection of wines, or one of many Kabasa or fish from the meat counter. This is basically a large specialty market. It mainly carries Russian items as well as a lot of Moldavian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Georgian items

City: Phoenix


If you are looking for Eastern European/Russian groceries, beverages, deli items, or desserts....this is the place. There's a large selection of cheap-ish alcohol, candy, pastries (try creamy Napoleon cake - layers upon layers of flaky puff pastry smothered in buttercream). Excellent source for Eastern European comfort food. Mostly Russian/Ukranian but with a few Polish, Bulgarian, and Georgian items as well. Ridiculously good variety of bread, pastry, and pierogi/vareniki/whatever. Reasonable prices. Visit Web Site

City: Boston

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