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British Columbia

The best place to get South Americanand Mexican ingredients in Vancouver. They have stacks of corn tortillas, fresh Mexican style cheeses, salsas, a large rack of dried spices (dozens of types of dried chiles, along with comino, Mexican oregano, achiote, and so on), along with Salvadoran, Peruvian, and other South American food items. They also have a selection of fresh-made bakery and dessert items.

City: Vancouver


As the name implies, they have everything you would need for latin cooking. They have a mavelous range of salsas, tortillas, beans, rice and everything else a latin kitchen needs. They also sell hot food that you order at the checkout. This is very good food, not strictly Mexican, but very South of the Border, a little Salvadoran, a little Mexican, a little special.

City: Toronto

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