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United States


Great place to get tamales, pandeyucas, arequipe, chorizo and arepa. Awesome little place. Everything is organized. The place looks so good and the people there are nice and friendly. If you're Colombian, you must go there. If you aren't and want good Colombian products and a warm and inviting place go to little Colombian Delicatessen. I recommend anyone to come and try their empanadas and whatever they have on the menu. VISIT SITE

City: Los Angeles


This is medium sized latino/hispanic grocery store, you will find items mostly from  Central America and a few from South America, specially Colombia. This small grocery store with a cafe in back has many Spanish, Cuban and South American items that are hard to find elsewhere on the Northside.

b/t Bosworth Ave & Greenview Ave in Edgewaterb/t Bosworth Ave & Greenview Ave in Edgewater
City: Chicago

Incredibly well-rounded inventory with all of the essentials, Mexican specialties PLUS vegetarian and organic goodies. They have a great selection of Mexican necessities (dried chiles, nopales, corn husks, cheeses, cheap avocados, etc.), a decent Asian section, and more recently some organic and specialty products. You can find all the usual grocery store stuff here too. Every single employee here loves their job! It's super cheap and they now carry "green" and organic products

City: Chicago

New York

Items from Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba etc...etc...Produce is very inexpensive and the variety is mind blowing! Wonderful selection of Latin American products - every kind of fresh and dried chile pepper you can imagine and other South American products as well,  like Peruvian dried potatoes and blue corn flour. They have all kinds of unique produce and ethnic grocery items as well as regular grocery items.

City: New York

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