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Cactus Candy Co is located in a small building room, stocked with: hot sauces, jellies, marmalades, cactus gummies, prickly pear taffy and shirts. They use the juice of the prickly pear cactus fruit to make a jellied candy which has a great sweet-tart taste.

City: Phoenix


It's a mix of a Middle Eastern market & liquor store. The selection, including some African products is pretty amazing and varied. They had all sorts of foods, spices and other selections.

Cool little food/  gourmet/ convenience store.   Imported foods that are hand selected by the owner, "Mo" -- who is so friendly and will let you taste the newest finds..... sometimes brownies and other sweets.... sometimes a new middle eastern dip that is unique to his store.... just lots of stuff. Also pedestrian things like Sprite, milk, etc. They've got great foods from England, Ireland, other Middle Eastern countries, great feta cheese from France and Bulgaria, yogurt from Greece, Armenian breads ... the list goes on and on.

City: Boston

They are friendly and have the best selection of Irish food.  ! Best selection of British/Irish goods in the Boston area.  And the staff are always so friendly.   Any craving can be satisfied here.  In addition to the sweets and crisps, they had flour, seasoning, sauces, soups, jams, red lemonade, the tins of cookies...  You can't go wrong.

City: Boston

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