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United States


This is a Bengali style kitchen that is different from north/south Indian flavors. The spices are toned down and there is distinct sweetness in most items. The place also sells groceries and you can catch yourself a good exotic fish. The prices are on the super cheap side. If not for the restaurant, and if you live nearby, its a good place for ethnic grocery. Aladin is famous as a Halal Restaurant and as a result vegetarians have very limited option here.

City: Los Angeles

Its a restaurant/grocery like few others in the area. So if you are looking for a fancy restaurant environment this is not it. But quality and taste wise its a great place. Their food is really good. Especially biryani. And very well priced. Fish is great too.

City: Los Angeles

 Inside it was like a corner store. They had hot food, produce, and a small shopping area.Also an excellent choice if looking for fresh Hilsa fish (llish) which they will cut up and pack for you.

City: Los Angeles

This is one of the many Bangladeshi-owned grocery stores/ steam table eateries along 3rd street. 
The groceries all the usual Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi and even some Sri Lankan spices and condiments. Also a selection of snacks, desserts, teas. They also have a selection of  fresh vegetables favored by South Asian, various leafy veggies, okra, white gourd, bitter gourd, taro etc.and a reasonably priced meat selection, including chicken, lamb, goat and beef

City: Los Angeles

Swadesh is a Bangladeshi grocery store. There is prepared food at the back that is premade and some giant serving dishes.  You will find halal meats and Bangladeshi fish here, as well as Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi spices and snacks.

City: Los Angeles


A popular market/grocer with a good selection of groceries and goods.

City: Chicago


Nice spot to go in for Indian groceries. It's a cute place, that actually has a pretty decent selection for the size. They carry some produce, frozen, and cold foods, allowing you to get things like "bitter gourd" that you can't get in lots of other Indian markets. This place has everything!  You can find goodies here, that you can't find in most Asian grocery stores.  Also, they get the BEST mangoes in Boston, cheaper than anywhere

City: Boston

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