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British Columbia

A beautiful little spot tucked away at the edges of "respectable" Gastown, Cadeaux is mostly a working kitchen and a counter featuring the daily spread, but there are a few places to sit down, and if you can manage to snag one it's a great place to sit and have a leisurely coffee or tea and chat with a friend. The London Fog cake is hands down the favourite item here. See Menu.

City: Vancouver

The best Chinese bakery in Vancouver. The bbq'd pork and pineapple bun are very good. Soft, flavourful, with a lovely, flaky sweet crust. Friendly people at the counter too. 

City: Vancouver

Portuguese egg tarts and chestnut sponge cake are great.This place is always packed, and with good reason. The cakes are beautiful and intricate, but the specialties are all the buns. The coconut cocktail buns and the barbeque pork buns in particular are tops!

City: Vancouver

Everything and anything delicious can be found here. Pastries, cakes, cookies - even gluten-free Bliss Balls. They make fine pastries, special cakes, delicate mini cheesecakes, lovely desserts and fresh cookies/muffins. The pastries are luscious with great-quality ingredients and you can tell, baked with loving attention. There are line-ups on both sides of the counter, but worth the wait.

City: Vancouver


Pies, scones and traditional English/Canadian bake goods.

City: Niagara-on-the-Lake

A true meaning of gourmet market with a varieties of import groceries from mainly European's countries. This is a place to shop when you want to make a perfect gourmet meal at home. it carries fine (French) foods, Definitely a pricey one-stop shop for convenient specialty foods and quick take-away meals. Web Site and other store locations.


City: Toronto

This is a German grocery store, delicatessen and cafe with a wide variety of European and Canadian groceries and gourmet products”. They have strudels, huge loaves of rye bre and all kinds of meat pies that are very Canadian and probably German?

Visit  Web site for more locations.

City: Toronto

They have Portuguese custard tarts, baklava, brownies, fudge, macarons and almost anything your heart desires.. So if your the type to have a sweet tooth of some sort, check this place out.

City: Toronto

Provides you with a long list of imported groceries from abroad, as well as wonderful bread goods, pastries and meats made from their own special recipes... come have a look!

Website and store locations.

City: Toronto

An unpretentious french cafe settled in the middle of St. Clair West. The venue is small and seats maybe 15 at most. With fresh baguettes, pastries and great coffee, this will bring back memories of France for anyone. 

City: Toronto

Amazing little Belgian cafe with wide selection of desserts - at first glance it's almost overwhelming the selection this place offers. Rahier croissants are to die for, and they also offer a tantalizing array of 'designer' tarts for those craving a refreshing take on classics (read fig and pear tart with a marzipan fill!) Web site.

City: Toronto

This bakery is nestled in the italian part of town. Not only is it a bakery, but they are a deli, grocery and a cafeteria. They serve great slices of cheese, meats, pizza, subs, and gnocchi. I's an old-school, New World Italian bakery. It's been around since 1960, and on the walls are pictures of the various owners. It occupies two storefronts, Web site.

City: Toronto

Best place in the city to buy authentic German breads and pastries.Great rustic ryes and other breads and their pies and pastries are very fresh and delicious. Web site.

City: Toronto

A very popular Bakery! They have pretty good natas (Portuguese egg tarts) and they also have amazing cannoli (the tube shaped pastries filled with ricotta cream). So delicious. As well they have a large assortment of pastries and some typical Portuguese breakfast snacks. Web site.

City: West Toronto


They make some of the best bagels in Montreal fresh from wood oven all day long. The baked goods are truly homemade, hearty and delicious.  Good service and reasonable prices. 

City: Montreal

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