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Good place for buying meat, spices, biryani and kebabs. The spice collection is plentiful. They have a whole range of whole and powdered spices, including a bunch of Shaan's wonderful masalas. They also have an assortment of lentils, flour, frozen stuff like samosas, naans, rotis and fresh meat and chicken.

City: Phoenix


One of the best places to buy meat and bread in concord. Great selection of foods from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East, and the Balkans. They have spices, rice, conserved vegetables, and much more.

City: Concord

This place rightfully is famous for it's bread ... One of the best breads around, freshly baked daily from 11 am to 6 pm. They also sell fresh beef,lamb and goat at their butcher shop along with other Afghani grocery items.

City: Fremont

Great Halal meat market. The have goat, veal, lamb, beef, chicken. All of it is fresh and they will ask you how you would like your meat cut.They also have a good selection of spices and some vegetables. But the focus is more on the meat and dry goods. VISIT SITE

City: Los Angeles

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