Explore our holiday/festive recipes to enjoy traditional food and drinks that represent the heart & soul of the world's diverse cultures & religions. Just click on your recipe of choice for ingredients/instructions.

Grilled minced meat in a flat bread with chopped onions, sour cream and relish
Grilled chicken in spicy Jerk sauce
BBQ prawns with lime & chillie marinade- perfect summer dish
Chicken,Olive & Fennel Tangine
Spicy chicken with vegetables,& herbs.
With no sugar, its dates, apricots and nuts gives natural sweetness & crunch.
Traditional spiced potato cake
A traditional dish comprising rice, noodles and potatoes
Caramel chocolate flavor balls traditionally serves in paper or foil
Spicy, Sichuan stir fried flavoured chicken
Lamb kebabs pomegranate-marinated
Traditional, tasty dish using olives, pototoes & preserved lemons
A traditional fish stew from Brazil.
Tasty grilled marinated chicken a splash of olive oil and squeeze of lemon
An appetiser or side dish to have with rice & curry
Traditional beef pie with the national drink - Guinness
Rice pudding with delicate flavors of caraway and anise, rosewater and pistachio
Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious fish stew recipe
Crispy wok fried pork belly with black beans & leeks
The famous and delicious soup/stew called Pozole
Lamb curry with added flavours of mint & Pepper


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