Explore our holiday/festive recipes to enjoy traditional food and drinks that represent the heart & soul of the world's diverse cultures & religions. Just click on your recipe of choice for ingredients/instructions.

Roasted Pork hocks with Potato dumplings
Traditional festive dish
Event Christmas
Tasty apricot dumpling with apricot/brandy sauce,
Event Christmas
Sauerkraut - an easy recipe - Not a soggy soupy mess!
Traditional meal - The centerpiece of a "Robbie Burns Night"
Traditional recipe that can be heated next day
Traditional festive dish of pork and sauerkraut
Event Christmas
Dessert of cherries, cream, and cherry liqueur on a chocolate sponge base.
Chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle and another on top
Tasty one dish meal
Mouthwatering egg and chocolate dessert
Event Christmas
A meringue topped torte encrusted with sugar and toasted almonds
Grilled marinated pork shoulder on skewers on Pita bread.
Traditional German style strudel with apples and wild berries.
Event Christmas
Traditional spiced potato cake
Tasty chocolate dessert topped with Chantilly
Traditional Easter fruit cake with ginger, covered in marzipan.
Baked pancake-like dish, with chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt and pepper
Decadent cheesecake enhanced with cream liquor, topped with chocolate ganache
Event Christmas
Traditional beef pie with the national drink - Guinness
Traditional egg flan with caramelized sugar
Event Christmas
Delicious cheese cake marbled with Baileys Irish Cream liquor
Spinach & Feta pie, a celebrated Gibraltarian dish


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