Explore our holiday/festive recipes to enjoy traditional food and drinks that represent the heart & soul of the world's diverse cultures & religions. Just click on your recipe of choice for ingredients/instructions.

A Cuban variation of BBQ chicken with a great flavour
Spicy shrimps/prawns simmered in jerk spices
A Cuban variation of French toast - very sweet with a zesty syrup
Cornmeal, sweet potato, coconut, pumpkin, spices eaten on Independence Day.
The fruit cake is dark, rich in flavors from rum soaked sauce.
Event Christmas
Yasty baked buns stuffed with sweetly-seasoned coconut
Traditional Cuban vegetarian soup, very tasty, very healthy!
Event Christmas
Macaroni and cheese, specially seasoned and baked to perfection
Traditional Cuban Roast Pork served at festive occasions
Event Christmas
Moist, tender, and crispy on the outside.infused with orange and lime juice.
Traditional festive recipe using rich brown sugar and molasses
Event Christmas
Tasty lime flavored cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
Pan de batata is a delicious dessert with a very exotic and spicy taste
Event Christmas
Smoked ham baked with pineapple glaze.
Event Christmas
Traditional festive ham with Jerk spices
Event Christmas
A rich dark cake infused with marinated fruits
Event Christmas
Traditional Christmas eggnog flavored with coconut
Event Christmas
Sweet coconut rice pudding popular at festive events
A moist, rich rum cake for special occasions.
Event Christmas
Traditional Easter fruit cake with stout
Flavoursome Caribbean style grilled fish
A moist rum flavored cake topped with a butter rum glaze
Grilled chicken in spicy Jerk sauce


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