Explore our holiday/festive recipes to enjoy traditional food and drinks that represent the heart & soul of the world's diverse cultures & religions. Just click on your recipe of choice for ingredients/instructions.

Spicy, Sichuan stir fried flavoured chicken
The king of Azerbaijani fish recipes - fish stuffed with walnuts.
Lamb kebabs pomegranate-marinated
Traditional baked treat popular at New Year
Famous sweet, sour & spicy Thai dish
Traditional New Years noodle soup
Event Omisoka
A colorful cardamom & cashew nut sweet.
Crispy wok fried pork belly with black beans & leeks
Traditional rice dessert eaten at Christmas
Event Christmas
Cakes stuffed with sweet fillings, such as sesame seeds and mung beans.
Fluffy pancakes dipped in sugar syrup and topped with sweetened milk & nuts
A dish of stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fresh salad, spices & prawns
Traditional savory pancake with special sauce,
Event Omisoka
Coconut infused lamb curry
Tasty fried dough with honey sugar glaze
Event Christmas
Fried apples (or bananas) coated in sesame seeded toffee.
Crispy snack or side dish
Rice paper rolls with prawns, herbs & salad -eaten cold with dipping sauces.
Little golf balls sized ice-cream covered by sweetened mochi pastry
Event Omisoka
Traditional Diwali sweet..coconut and semolina balls
India’s version of doughnuts immersed in a warm, fragrant, sweet rose syrup
Tasty aromatic fish curry infused with spices & lemon
Traditional steamed dumpling


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