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Your guide to the best online cooking schools and " hands on" cooking classes. If you want to really understand a countries culture....take a cooking class!

Our selection showcases kids cooking, gourmet, special diets including gluten free, vegan, diabetic, paleo, raw/super foods and much more.

Orly Ziv a clinical nutrionist who love food, cooking and entertaining people from all over the worl in her home. Orly will introduce to you Israel through the flavors and tastes by cooking with you traditional recipes. A special experience that tourists do not get normally.

Description of Class: Special Diets, Traditional Food
Location/s of School: Israel
Cuisine From: Israel

Delicious Israel welcomes those interested in hands-on cooking with local flavor to join in Shuk & Cook. After filling our baskets with treats from the market, guests will unload groceries in the kitchen and prepare a meal to remember with a menu based on Israeli cuisine’s diverse ethnic influences. Shuk & Cook (~3-3.5 hours, 10 ppl max) A ten-minute walk from the spice sacks and fresh fruit stalls of the Carmel Market ("Shuk HaCarmel" in Hebrew), 

Description of Class: Traditional Food
Location/s of School: Israel
Cuisine From: Israel

Cooking Classes and Travel - Israel

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